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大煞星與小妹頭 (1978)
Follow the Star

Reviewed by: JUlibas
Date: 10/22/2003
Summary: Weird comedy from John Woo

Rowena Cortes is a young pop star that is constantly being attacked from all directions by a gang of James Bondian villians. She bumps into Roy Chiao, a drunk mechanic and is taken by his goofiness and tries to hire him as a bodyguard. At first he declines until he mixes it up with the evil villians (a gunman with cateracts, a iron fisted thug, Fung Hark-On killing people with a deck of cards, a steel headed hitman and a flaming assasin) they're led by a mysterious man wearing a monkey mask?! This is a pretty weird movie. I enjoyed a lot. My only complaint is that their's no widescreen print availible. I saw it cropped and the subtitles were barely visible. The ending of the movie takes place in a church (i.e. The Killer). Roy Chiao is surprisingly entertaining as the drunk father figure/Guardian and Rowena Cortes is simply adorable.

Highly recommended for John Woo fans.


Reviewed by: Darryl
Date: 12/21/1999

A perky pop singer is stalked by some rather psychotic fans. A kindhulk of an inventor is stalked (for some reason I couldn't understand in the unsubtitled print) and his best friend - his pet monkey, is murdered. The pop singer and the kind hulk meet and they both fend off the psychos, and get revenge. One psycho is bald and constantly has bumps on his head, one is a drag queen, and the other is a blind marksman! The visual humor works, but sometimes borders on the sadistic.

Reviewer Score: 7