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黃飛鴻四大弟子 (1977)
The Four Shaolin Challengers

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 11/21/2002

The Chinese title for this flick mentions Wong Fei Hung, but strangely, this flick has nothing to do with the legendary hero. Instead the flick deals with one of his famous pupils, Lin Shih Yung, the butcher. In Cantonese, it’s Lam Sai Wing. So yeah, we have a story of Butcher Wing a few years BEFORE Sammo Hung’s Magnificent Butcher. The movie is about four brothers, not blood brothers, but brothers who have a common bond. There is nothing about Shaolin in this movie either. The four so called brothers (Devil Kick Chi (Bruce Liang), Lin Shih Yung (Li Chin Kun), Lin Yung Chieh (Wang Yuen Sang), and Liang Kuan (Jason Pai Piao)) must unite and go against some bad Triads led by Shiao Pei Li (Lau Dan) who have been terrorizing the locals with the usual triad tricks: extortion, prostitution, loan sharking. This flick is very, very average. You will not be missing anything if you never see this one.