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李小龍傳奇 (1976)
Bruce Lee - True Story

Reviewed by: estraven
Date: 02/19/2007
Summary: Quite good actually

To what extent one enjoys this film depends on how one approaches it. A Bruce Lee historian would probably be outraged at the scenes depicting events in Bruce's life which are total fabrications. (But so did Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and that was supposedly based on the book written by his widow.) I don't think Bruce was ever a petrol station attendant, or that his mother was the one who wanted him to leave Hong Kong for the US. A Jeet Kune Do exponent would probably criticise Bruce Li's martial arts moves. And most people would find the scenes from Bruce Lee's funeral and a shot of him in his coffin an unforgiveable lapse of taste. But actually True Story, a.k.a. Bruce Lee: The Man and the Myth, is not too objectionable at all - it is certainly one of the better Bruceploitation films. Bruce Li plays such an earnest, hard-working Bruce Lee you just have to root for him. Even if he does die in the apartment of his mistress. (According to this film Bruce died of constantly physically over-exerting himself, by the way.) Li certainly has Bruce's physical mannerisms down pat - at least those he displays in his kung fu movies. So don't set your hopes too high and you will probably spend quite an enjoyable 90 minutes watching this.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 11/16/2003

For a wannabe docu-movie on Bruce’s life, this flick is not that bad. I used to hate all those fake Bruce movies, especially with Bruce Li, but now I don’t mind him that much at all. After all, I come to the realization that Bruce Li is damn good and there is no better person at imitating Bruce. The flick seemed to be on a decent budget as Ng See Yuen re-visited some of the sites that actually took place in Bruce’s flicks such as the Roman Colosseum, Thailand, and some of the places in Enter the Dragon . It even looks like that some of the Thai extras from the Big Boss were even re-hired to give the flick an authentic feel. Unicorn Chan, Bruce’s childhood buddy, even appears as friend—now that’s a nice attempt by Ng See Yuen to make us feel that Bruce Lee is “almost” in the movie. No other fake-me-out Bruce Lee flick has this feel. If you seen many of the Bruce Lee Bio-stories, then you may not gain any extra info into the tragedy of Bruce. If you want to see a great almost Bruce like performance by Bruce Li, then you got to see this flick.