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k (1976)
Massage Girls

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 07/06/2008
Summary: Star-studded cheapie

A puzzling contradiction. The movie starts out like an cheapie made to exploit the popularity of Chow, who I'm told was then a hot TV soap star, and the luscious Candy Yu. Toss in a few pretty girls rubbing some old guys the right way, and you're well on the way to some harmless nudie nonsense.

But then Wang Lai pops up as Chow's mother, who is a heroin addict. Then we see Chiao Chiao as a woman whose husband is gambling away the money she earns as a massage girl. Things get progressively darker. Back stories pop up all over the place. Candy Yu's father needs money for a cerebral haemorrage. Then the parlour gets held up. A few bras are whipped off along the way, but proceedings are mostly pretty grim.

The impression is that the story was made up as filming progressed, as new characters are introduced almost at random. Nevertheless, the fine acting talent and very nice eye candy make this one quite entertaining, and worth a look, even if only to watch a young Chow learning his craft.

Reviewer Score: 5