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vhQ (1975)
Girl with the Long Hair

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 03/08/2008
Summary: Nice beach shots

The best aspect of this film are some of the exterior shots of the beach at Pattaya Tai beach. There isn't much more to say about this film that was good, I think it was meant to be a soft core porno/comedy, but it was mostly just dull. I agree the only character of some note was Lan Wai Yue as the blind wife but even her role was under-developed.
I can't really recommend it, the story is weak, the acting as well but the setting is very 1970s kitsch and the soundtrack is ok, hardly makes it a must see. And what's with the title? Long Hair? Curly Hair? How about a retitle, the Men with Moustaches?
I wouldn't bother, there are many better ways to spend 90 minutes.

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: ewaffle
Date: 03/11/2007

“Girl With Long Hair” shows how universal the look of 1970s softcore pornography was. It is populated by hipsters wearing aviator glasses and cool mustaches running after hot chicks with feathered Farrah Fawcett hairstyles and plastic jewelry. There are shag carpets on the floor and oil paintings on velvet on the walls. The decor uses the brightest colors available, especially international orange, a then ubiquitous shade that is now only seen on emergency equipment such as life jackets. The set designer and costume designer also used a lot of school bus yellow, fire engine red, and other bright, high visibility primary colors. The palette was somewhere between garish and ghastly. Taking things about as far as they could go, one character wore a white suit.

The only character of any interest as a character was Jiali, wife of the philandering Richard. She was only interesting because she was blind and her blindness wasn’t shown as an affliction of hers but an opportunity for her husband to sneak out with his pal and chase women. While blind Jiali wasn’t dumb saw through (if you will) Richard’s plans, thwarting them in a way that finally makes sense at the end of the film—although there won’t be many viewers who will sit through to the finish.

Attempts at humor include jokes about impotence and infidelity none of which are original or funny. At one point Richard is referred to as rich and famous which may be the reason why so many attractive young women are throwing themselves at him.

The girl in the title is Dana who is no more or less attractive than the other women in the cast who partially disrobe. She does have an astonishingly vivid set of tan lines that look as they the were put on with a highway lane marking machine—startling white stripes in sharp contrast to her otherwise uniformly tanned skin.

The set, costumes, script and characters could have been dropped into any softcore porn movie from that era in any part of the world. If the East Asian actors were replaced by Caucasian actors it could have been made in Western Europe or the United States.

Recommended for those who are nostalgic for the natural (non-siliconed) breasts on topless actresses

Reviewer Score: 3