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聲色犬馬 (1974)
Sinful Confession

Reviewed by: ororama
Date: 05/17/2020

Sinful Confession was Michael Hui's last film for Shaw Brothers, only occasionally funny,  primarily
focused on showing as much naked female flesh as possible and secondarily on gambling, with
comedy coming in a distant third. He plays four characters, with his peeping Tom newspaper writer
trying to get into a blue movie for free and trying to begin an affair with a sexy neighbor the most successful, displaying the prototype for many of the everyman with an inflated sense of self-importance roles to follow.
Ricky Hui has the best sketch as a panty sniffing pervert, but the several beautiful actresses who appear are not used nearly as well.
Sinful Confession misses more than it hits as a comedy, but Michael and Ricky Hui show flashes of the comedic talent that they would soon be putting to better use.