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黃飛鴻義取丁財炮 (1974)
Rivals of Kung Fu

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 02/10/2006
Summary: 3/10 - dull

Wang Feng wrote and/or directed many of the Cantonese Wong Fei Hung films starring Kwan Tak Hing, which this film is an homage to... or a throwback to. The story is rather dull - Wong Fei Hung accidentally offends another Canton master at the Po Chi Lam opening ceremony, and that master swears revenge. Both end up in competition at the annual lion dance festival. The film is ostensibly a comedy, though I don't recall laughing at all. There are a few interesting fight scenes which make the film briefly entertaining, but that's about the only time my interest level was raised above tedium or indifference.

If the rest of Wang Feng's Wong Fei Hung films are this dull, I'm kind of glad they're not available with English subtitles :p

Reviewer Score: 3