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快活林 (1972)
Delightful Forest

Reviewed by: Harlock
Date: 09/13/2007
Summary: Unbelievable

This movie is now in my top 10 of Shaw Brothers movies.

Ti Lung was on fire in this movie.

Reviewer Score: 10

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 09/03/2002

This flick is about a famous Chinese named Wu Song. Apparently, he was famous because he killed a tiger with his own bare hands. The flick is the sequel to Tiger Killer , a flick that tells the tale of how Wu Song became famous. Wu Song in Tiger Killer is also played by Ti Lung. This flick starts off with Wu Song (Ti Lung) seeking out and killing a couple of men who killed his brother. After killing off the last guy (played by Liu Chia Yung) to complete the avenging of his brother, Wu Song voluntarily gives himself up to the authorities and goes to jail. Wu Song doesn't stay in jail that long as he partakes in a little mission for Shih En (Tien Ching), the governor of the town he is jailed at, to travel to the Delightful Forest (sorta of a Sin City), to thrash a man named Chang Chun (Chu Mu) who has taken over the town and controls it with an iron hand. Wu Song, as part of the deal, stops at every inn along the way to the Delightful forest for 3 bowls of wine. Yeah, he's drunk, but I guess the drunken stupor makes him less vulnerable to a beating-sorta of like a Drunken Master. Once Wu Song comes to Delightful Forest, as expected, he beats the hell out of Chang Chun. Chang Chun leaves Delightful Forest with his tail between his legs, but later gets the Governor (played by Chiang Nan), to trap Wu Song, so that he and his men can get even with Wu Song. However, things do not go smoothly as plan, as the hero Wu Song is ready to battle Chang Chun and the world to a bloody death.