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大殺手 (1972)
The Killer

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! This is what Shaw Brothers movies areall about. Great sets (even the food looks delicious), acting, music, story/plot. This one even has a little romance in it. The action is great! Some may say the kung fu is a little "sloppy," but I loved it. As the credits roll, some guys get caught trying to smuggle opium off the docks and then an all out slaughter begins. The bad guys are distraught about losing their opium to say the least. Chiao Tzu Wei hires a killer under the premise that the local government (run by the local kung fu school) is corrupt and extorting the people of the town. The killer happens to be Hsieh Chun (aka Hsiao Hu) who left town ten years ago. (When Hsieh Chun opens up a suitcase full of knives, you know that there is going to be tons of killing!). Thinking that the local kung fu school is bad, he goes over there to fight them. There is some reuniting of lost friends and some love between two of them. The bad guys are constantly double crossing everyone and this leads to total mayhem and carnage. The final fight scene (which is actually several fight scenes going from one to the next) is incredible, especially the blood soaked finale between the evil Japanese leader of the opium ring and the two brothers. I GIVE THIS MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!


[Reviewed by Adam Scott Pritzker]