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俠士行 (1971)
The Long Chase

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 09/05/2006
Summary: PRetty good

What makes this more interesting than yoour usual SB movie is the various twists that occur!!

Yueh Hua kills a minister and Lo Lieh has 4 days to bring him in before he gets his head chopped off for being unable to capture Yueh Hua

Yueh Hua finds a man killed by explosions and does his last request, to give a letter to the judge to say that he has died and failed his mission to destory the bandits in the mountain.

Lo Lieh pursues him, and despite Yueh Hua cutting off his beard, the inn keeps daughter lying that Yueh Hua is his cousin, the bad guys calling him by a different name that Lo Lieh continutes to be suspcious

Yueh hua assumes the dead mans identity and track down the bandits with Lo Lieh never truely convinced of his identity.

The bandits, however, wreck havoc and the two stars clean house!!

Did i confuse you? ANd i have only mentioned half the plot twists!!

The action is what it is, like every other fight scene during that time, its the characters and the plot that drive this movie.

Worth watching though it is 84 minutes long, a little short

Reviewer Score: 7