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天龍八將 (1971)
The Invincible Eight

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 05/30/2001
Summary: Early Golden Harvest

The story is about the 8 children of 8 different slain Generals who want to avenge the death of their father by killing General Hsiao (Han Ying Chieh). The so called Invincible 8 are played by: Angela Mao, Hsieh Hsien (Patrick Tse), Nora Miao, Li Kun (a cook), Lydia Shum, Tang Ching, James Tien, Paul Chang Chung). The fights are slow and unconvincing--typical Han Ying Chieh choreography. Yeah, Sammo is listed as a fight instructor also, but he probably didn't do too much. He appears in a few scenes cracking a whip and looking slim in the waist.