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Ls (1970)
The River Dragon

Reviewed by: ron
Date: 12/21/1999

Yukari Oshima is Inspector Chan Heung Lan, a Hong Kong cop in lovewith a Manila cop named Ray. Ray's girl friend, Lina, travels to Hong Kong, where she falls into the clutches of Ray's enemy, a weapons smuggler named Dick (Would I make that up?). Chan and Ray team up to fight Dick, who kills Lina and escapes to Manila. Chan, Ray, and Ray's former partner, Jimmy, are lured into a trap that erupts into a free-for-all of bullets and fists. In short, another substandard police actioner. The only recommendation I can give this film is for Yukari fans, since she carries the majority of the action AND gets a chance to act as the lovelorn undercover cop. There is less wirework in this film than other Filipino cop films, but the bullets never seem to stop flying. There's even footage from STORY OF A GUN, when Yukari is injured on a exploding boat. As I said, for diehard Yukari fans only.

Reviewer Score: 6