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太太萬歲 (1968)
Darling, Stay at Home

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

I thought the 1968 color film Darling, Stay at Home, was
great. Betty Loh Tih plays a repressed, resourceful housewife, and
Zhang Yang plays her sexist husband who doesn't allow her to seek
gainful employment. She devises a scheme to trump her husband,
which she does in surprising and delightful ways, not unlike the
way in which Linda Lin Dai operated in Bachelors Beware, but what
stands out is the feminism and its contrast to the conservative
mores of the time. Betty essentially has two roles in this, the
only modern era vehicle she starred in at Cathay. Not having yet
seen The Love Eterne, the only other film I'd seen her in was the
Rarescope release Duel at the Supreme Gate, and I thought she was
great in that, so I was hoping that I'd like her here, too, even
though the genre and era were different, and I did. Zhang Yang's
smug arrogance is utilized exceptionally well for comedic effect
for once, and Tin Ching adds flavor to Zhang Yang's performance
with his more overt comedy. The plot is fairly simple, but plays
out in a highly entertaining manner. I laughed out loud at this
film moreso than with any other Cathay or Shaw Brothers comedy
I've seen. I enjoyed this immensely, and will be getting some Loh
Tih Shaw Brothers discs in order to see more of her.

Reviewer Score: 9