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七俠五義 (1967)
King Cat

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 08/01/2010
Summary: The cat's whiskers

This wu xia film from 1967 is a great little title, I enjoyed it immensely, it has every thing required for a top film of the genre.
The story holds interest right throughout, is exciting and has a few twists in it as well. It is of the good versus evil ilk and the righteous emperor and judge fight for good and overcome the evil people fighting to take over the kingdom. The star is a wandering fighter who takes the side of the downtrodden and fights only for justice. There is also a theme of a romance or two (one the good guys the other the evil doers) but it fits into the overall story line quite well, it doesn't feel just added on for the sake of having a romance sub plot.
The acting is of a good standard, better than the average of wu xia films of the late 1960s in my opinion and the swordplay is quite good too. The wire work is fine too for a 1960s film, nothing like today's films but taken for what the time was, very good. I really enjoyed this film in all aspects and the 83 odd minutes flew by (pardon the wire work pun) and it didn't have a slow scene, which is impressive!
There is an odd point or two which I didn't get, the main one being why the good judge appeared to have a darkened face. I am not sure whether there was any special significance? Putting the odd little points aside, I recommend this film to all who enjoy wu xia films, well worth viewing. Definitely the cat's whiskers of a film!

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 06/09/2005
Summary: 8/10 - impressive

A lavish production with colourful characters, costumes and sets and a fanciful story and action. In 1967 this was undoubtedly a major event film, but viewed today it perhaps lacks that touch of class or star quality that would make it essential viewing for everyone - but it's still well worth watching for wu xia fans. I sometimes wish that Celestial had released their genre films in more chronological order, as I would undoubtedly have enjoyed this more if I hadn't seen so many later wu xia pian already, and conversely probably rated some of Chor Yuen's films lower if I'd seen this one first.

Reviewer Score: 8