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紅衣少女 (1967)
Girl in Red

Reviewed by: duriandave
Date: 09/13/2005

Girl in Red starts off like many other Hong Kong action/spy films of late 60s: at the legendary Kai Tok airport (the lengthier-than-usual footage of which is a worthwhile document unto itself). Our hero, played by Chow Chung, is stalked the moment he arrives. After losing his pursuers, he arrives at the house of his client, a professor who has hired him to discover the secret of an African painting in his possession. Sek Kin and his gang are also interested in the secret, and Connie Chan (playing one of the bad guys this time) breaks into the professor's house and kidnaps Chow Chung. The rest of the film is full of double-crossing and intrigue and—of course—a budding romance between Connie and Chow Chung. Will Connie betray gang boss Sek Kin? Watch the film and find out.

Girl in Red is recommended primarily for the hard-hitting action scenes choreographed by Lau Kar-leung and Tong Gai. The psychedelic surf guitar soundtrack and Connie's cool outfits (I love her hat and head scarves!) are icing on the cake, as is the excellent camerawork and lighting, which is several notches above the usual standards of a Cantonese quickie.

Reviewer Score: 8