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pmCL (1965)
The Twin Swords

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 06/02/2007
Summary: the continuation of temple of red lotus??

Its been a while since i watch a movie which has a lot of singing in it yet is a serious movie. Chin ping and Wang yu are saved by the scarlet maid who is all powerful but they could not resist going after the bad guys at the red lotus temple for what appears to be 4 woman being stolen but its a TRAP!! Wang Yu manages to escape and goes to her family for help but they have broken the family laws to leave the house, so will they help or not?

There is a lot of traps at the temple as they expect the family to come save Chin ping. Will they or wont they?

For what it is, its a good movie, dont expect great swordplay, its more the drama that is important. the main bad guy though is INSANELY more powerful that any others apart from the Scarlett maid


Reviewer Score: 7