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通天師父 (1964)
The Teacher Who Knows Everything

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 05/11/2004

Two ne’er do wells (Sun Ma Sze Tsang and Tang Kei-Chen) draw the wrath of a fat lady cop (Tam Lan-Hing) on themselves. The pair befriend a maid servant (Ng Kwan Lei) whose employers, the Laus, are both cheating on each other. Sze and Tak are briefly employed by the couple after blackmailing the two. It doesn’t last long and the two soon take on a series of odd jobs constantly keeping one step ahead of the lady cop.

Especially funny, is the scene where they serve a live snake at a restaurant.
Lau tai (Lee Heung Kam) is eventually abandoned by both her husband and ‘dahling’ and joins the fired maid and Sze and Tak delivering food after they rescue her from commiting suicide.

Essentially a comedic paean to the working class of the world, we see the hard circumstances Sze and Tak endure as they struggle to earn a small wage. Ngoh, the maid, has an employer who tries to seduce her, quits her job to serve ‘bai jook’ (and even sings a delightful song about it).

Reviewer Score: 8