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痴男怨女 (1964)
Desperately in Love

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 12/10/2003
Summary: Formulaic

Even I, who can't find a film to dislike, found nothing much positive to say about this film. It's not bad but nothing we haven't seen before.

Boy (Lam Kar Sing) and girl (Nam Hung) get engaged. Father disapproves and wants him to marry his crass loudmouthed cousin for business reasons. Father forges letter to girl which sends her back to her family who arranges her marriage to settle a debt. She marries a sickly yet noble boy (Cheung Ching) under trickery. He coughs, so you know he is dying. She escapes and becomes a coolie. Boy tracks girl down, now with a baby. They reunite and return to his parents and get their acceptance. But there's one more crisis before the final resolution.

The boy's parents live in Macau and there are some scenic local shots as well as some of old Hong Kong. The audio and video on the vcd I watched is marginal. So unless you're a fan of the stars there are better variations on the story available.

As ever, Lai Man and Ma Siu Ying appear as supporting characters, an aunt and mother respectively. Lai Man disappears in the second half and is replaced by a neighbor in her place, oddly enough.

Muscial footnote: Early in the film, Lam Kar Sing gets drunk during his engagement party and briefly sings a slurred version of Rose,Rose I Love You.

Reviewer Score: 4