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隱形福星 (1964)
The Invisible Lucky Star

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 11/14/2004

Novel but ultimately unsuccessful film, perhaps inspired by the Topper films of the ‘50s.

A mixture of ghost comedy and crime film, cousins Wei-Chun and Mei-Mei solve the secret to invisibility. When schoolmate Wei-Chi is kidnapped by her unwanted fiancee (played by Kam Lui), their, now, invisible dog, Lucky, locates the hidden girl. When Mei-Mei goes to the cops, of course, no trace of Wei-Chi can be found. Later, Wei-Chun himself goes invisible and rescues Wei-Chi with the aid of cop, friend and suitor, Liang Hak.

Mildly entertaining, the film offers no surprises or twists to the compendium of invisible film genre.

Cheung Ying Tsoi is an uninspired Wei-Chun; Patricia Lam Fung plays the bee hived hair Mei-Mei.
Liang Sing Bo plays Wei-Chi's father who agrees to marry off his daughter in hopes of financial gain. Sai Gwa Pau appears as a hotel bellman that calls forward a Taoist priest to exorcise the 'haunted' room where Wei-Chun and Mei-Mei hide out. Lai Man plays Wei-Chi's mother. A Ha Ping-like actress plays a seductress confederate of Gam Lui who entices Liang Sing Bo into a honeytrap blackmail scheme.

A banner advertising the Hotel Miramar can be seen in the opening airport scene.

Reviewer Score: 5