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七仙女 (1963)
A Maid from Heaven

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 09/03/2002

This flick stars Fang Ying in her first starring role as the 7th Maiden who comes down from Heaven to marry a mortal by the name of Tung Yung (Ivy Ling Po). Mingling with the mortals is forbidden by the King of Heaven, the 7th Maiden’s father, but she doesn’t care anyways. Life in Heaven is boring. After a jolly good time with her husband, a lot of singing, and miracle weaving, the 7th Maiden’s Father summons her back to Heaven or face his wrath. Ivy Ling Po has a leading role with Fang Ying impersonating a male to be her husband (again!). If you like listening to singing in your flicks coupled with melodramatic endings, get this flick immediately. This is a Shaw Brothers musical classic.