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小兒女 (1963)
Father Takes a Bride

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Father Takes a Bride stars the same main three actors as in
Her Tender Heart -- the doe-eyed Lucilla Yu Ming, the fatherly
Wang Yin, and the tall, regal Wang Lai -- but in place of Zhang
Yang, we have Betty Loh Tih's brother Kelly Lai Chen. And as it
turns out, Lucilla and Kelly make a perfect couple: their looks
match each other handsomely, and they play off each convincingly
(unlike Kelly's match with Kitty Ting Hao in Dreams Come True).
The tone of this film is quite different from that of Her Tender
Heart. Two couples -- one being Lucilla and Kelly, the other
being Lucilla's father Wang Yin and Wang Lai -- are threatened by
jealousy on the part of Lucilla's two younger brothers, aged 8
and 9, who make a fuss about their dead mother and how marriage
by their father would disrespect her memory, while marriage by
their sister would leave them all alone in life. The way things
play out in this Eileen Chang scripted film is rather ingenious,
but until then, you fear for nearly everyone's happiness at one
point or another. I was surprised not to care all that much for
Lucilla's character, here. I preferred her work in Her Tender
Heart and in Sun, Moon and Star.

Reviewer Score: 6