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天倫(下集) (1961)
The Story of a Family (Part 2)

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 01/30/2004

Redemption, finally, but not before more woe is ladled up.

Picking up the same evening where Pt 1 let the viewer dangling, Lan's (Pak Yin)
baby is discovered and taken in by a well to do couple (Lok Kung and Lai Man). A servant (Yip Ping) is sent to hire a nurse maid for the baby and she brings back Lan.

Lan raises the girl, BoBo, who does not know her maid is actually her mother. 18 years pass and Chau Man (Ng Cho-Fan) is released from prison. When he bumps into Lan (coincidences are linchpins in these types of films), Chau Man resorts to his old ways, borrowing money and gambling it away. Lan is entangled when she is caught stealing jewelry from BoBo and fired. To up the emotional ante even more, BoBo is positively cruel in her treatment to Lan after she grows up. BoBo starts running with the wrong crowd but eventually mother and father come to the rescue from mishap at a hotel room and the family is reunited.

A riveting, if painful, story to watch.

Reviewer Score: 7