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雲裳艷后 (1959)
Cinderella and Her Little Angels

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Cinderella and Her Little Angels begins on a strange note in
a clothing shop, where two children's mannequins come to life and
sing a song about the lead character, a tailor played by Peter
Chen. There is a woman mannequin in the shop which he kisses
goodnight every evening, and his co-workers (Tin Ching among them)
know about it. What they don't know is that the mannequin is a
dead ringer for a girl he's sweet on, played by Linda Lin Dai, who
works in the orphanage that sews the shop's clothing. The plot
hinges on the foibles of Peter and Linda keeping the orphanage's
prim matron (Wang Li) in the dark about Linda's modeling for the
clothing shop's fashion shows, which Linda assents to in order to
get funding for renovating the orphanage, which is badly in need
of structural repairs. Lots of fun fashion is on view, and Linda's
character is not annoying like it was in Bachelor's Beware. I admit
to dreading this film because of not having liked Bachelor's Beware,
but Linda's character here is much different. Tin Ching's love
interest is played by Dolly So Fung, who I haven't seen in ages,
and she is really cute in glasses and pigtails, although she
doesn't have much of a part. The sewing room in the orphanage is
pretty much a sweatshop, and there is a disconcerting scene where
they sing a jaunty tune about how they work as fast as they can.
Peter Chen, who was married to Betty Loh Tih from 1962-1966 (which
made Kelly Lai Chen his brother-in-law), later re-teamed with Linda
Lin Dai in the 1963 Shaw Brothers film Love Parade. Cinderella and
Her Little Angels (the title refers to Linda's character and to the
youngest orphans in the orphanage; the title's literal translation
is "After the Cloud Clothes Are Colorful," which probably refers to
both the pall over the orphanage cast by the matron and by the
storm that assaults the orphanage near the end) is a predictable
but engaging film, which I enjoyed.

Reviewer Score: 8