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賊王子(續集) (1958)
Prince of Thieves (The Sequel)

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 11/24/2003
Summary: Better than Part I

The sequel to the first film, this film picks up on the wedding eve of Hung Fong and Princess Coral. When she's poisoned by brooch given to her by Sek Kin, seeking vengeance for his brother's murder, Hung Fong and his pals, various princes with their magic treasures, sets off to get the magic apple that will waken the princess.

Songs includes melodies from Oh, Susannah, Getting to Know You and Yellow Rose of Texas! And there's a quasi "erotic" dance number a la Goldfinger featuring a bikini clad golden girl.

The only thing I disliked is that they didn't bring back Cheung Kwun Min as the caballero prince but replaced him another guy. But Sai Gwau Pau, in a fez, returns. Oh, and the dozen kids of the one prince add to the fun. And did I mention the mummy guarding the magic apple?

Sek Kin and his gang engage in a fierce fight with Hung Fong, the princes and the kids before returning to the palace for the conclusion.

Reviewer Score: 6