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三重威脅之跨國大營救 (2019)
Triple Threat

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 08/19/2020
Summary: China, Thai and Indonesia Vs. the baddies

The bad guys from Hong Kong movies of the last 20 years are coming together to battle the three new action stars from China, Thailand and Indonesia.
The action scenes are pretty good, and the three new leads have their respective moments of martial flair, so fans won't be disappointed.
The main trio has been tricked by a band of hired mercenaries whose mission is to assassinate a young philanthropist, for which they are forced to protect the girl while they neutralize, one by one, the evil and well-equipped mercenaries.
The script is quite typical but in general it is well concocted and perfectly assembled so as not to bore the audience, although there are a couple of more relaxed scenes that end up annoying because they are excessively stretched.

Reviewer Score: 5