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中國推銷員 (2017)
China Salesman

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 05/31/2020
Summary: Typical Chinese war film... in Africa

This film tells the adventures of a young representative of a Chinese computer company (Li Dongxue) in an African country that is mired in a bloody civil war. Dongxue and his beautiful colleague (Li Ai) must face a rival western company over the government contract. Westerners (represented by Marc P. Goodman) use dirty tricks to get the contract, from espionage to encouraging warfare for their own benefit, while the Chinese only seek to solve problems and achieve understanding between different factions, since the PRC is the symbol of peace, freedom and the free market. So Dongxue becomes a kind of field agent with the risky mission of reestablishing communications between different parts of the country.

Let's get to the point: Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal have a reasonably correct fight early in the movie, but Seagal has a rather minor role and doesn't fight again.
The war scenes, with tanks and bombs, are also reasonably decent, it shows that the Chinese have been making war movies for more than 50 years and know how to play with the pyrotechnic team.

If we ignore the pro-communist whiff, the characters and the stereotypical scenes, the first half of the film can be seen without much difficulty. The second part lowers the pace and also the interest, adding some scenes of foreign shame that are so typical in the Chinese endings and that really strange that they are still used.

We are facing an "exotic" war blockbuster where you can see that the producers have invested a lot of money, but that it doesn't really contribute anything really remarkable.

Reviewer Score: 5