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極致追擊 (2017)
S.M.A.R.T. Chase

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 08/02/2020
Summary: Chinese film in the American style ... or in the English style.

This is a typical film of art thieves, with their car chases, their bosses who are very clever, their pretty and warrior girls, their bad guys very bad and finally the young high-tech expert who supports and guides the gang of thieves.

From a strictly formal point of view it is a correct movie, the action scenes are also correct and, if there is anything wrong with the whole film, it is the script, which is full of typical dialogues and even more typical scenes. In fact, many times you already know what the next scene in the movie is going to be like before you watch it.

It has some nice moments but nobody expects a great movie.

If the viewer lasts until the end, they will be able to see a selection of outtakes like in the best Jackie Chan movies ... but without Jackie Chan, of course.

Reviewer Score: 5