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刺客帝國 (2011)
Empire of Assassins

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 06/20/2012
Summary: a condensed television show from 2008

Movies made for the cinema are different from broadcast television series and never the twain shall meet. You can't take a 4:3 image and remaster it into 16:9 and call it a movie. You can't take 120 episodes of a Mainland broadcast TV series and edit them down into a 90 minute feature film. I don't like television even a little bit except to watch sports and the weather channel. 2 legendary actors can't save this. Good work for them and their bank accounts. Empire of Assassins is a condensed television show from 2008. As I was watching this from the beginning, the word “chopsocky” keep going through my head. I only lasted about 20 minutes; then I skipped to the last chapter on the DVD and it was like I didn't miss a thing. Avoid.

[No score for television show.]