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出軌的女人 (2011)
Hi, Fidelity

Reviewed by: evirei
Date: 11/16/2011

A complicated, adultry movie which centers around 4 upper class woman, who constantly travels to the China's border to visit the gigolo club. As much as I would like to love this movie, I find it quite hard to digest as the art direction and storytelling doesn't sync together.

I adore how brave the writer tries to be bold in letting the audience know elder woman needs attention and confirmation on their attractiveness. The message to be simple but the complicated relationship between Chapman To, Michelle Ye and Pat Ha is too much for audience to handle. On a brighter note, I do adore Carrie Ng's powerful performance even when her character is pretty limited, and William Chan for his great acting as twins with totally contrastic character and attitude.

In summary, Hi Fidelity contains a great idea which was poorly presented. However, this idea might be boring for quite some audience as they couldn't really relate to it.

Reviewer Score: 4