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神奇俠侶 (2011)
Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Reviewed by: evirei
Date: 11/14/2011
Summary: Really incredible love chemistry~

I hate to admit this, but it's true. Sandra and Louis shows incredible chemistry and definately pulls it through with their believeable act as a loving couple. Both their acting are natural and both seems really confortable acting together.

One of it's kind comedy version of ancient china's superheroes. Although it is not as much action as we all expect from a superhero movie, not as romantic as we ever would imagine, with the same old boring storyline, this movie is still catchy in it's own way.

One would seriously be unimpressed with the movie, unless of course you are a fan of Louis or Sandra, which in this case, I am a diehard fans of both :)

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 05/12/2011

A superhero movie set in ancient China that emphasizes comedy rather than high-flying action-packed antics might sound like a recipe for disaster, but Vincent Kok's lively style and the bubbly personality of Sandra Ng go a long way to making this film an enjoyable way to kill a hundred minutes.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/21/2011
Summary: Ordinary good fun

First warning : Don't expect MAMI to make sense. HK films are famous/notorious for spilling across genre divides, and this one wanders all over the place. The opening scene is of domestic bliss mixed with teasers that the couple trying so hard to be ordinary still have super powers. Then we flash back ten years, to their exploits at their time of first meeting.

Gazer Warrior, who puts on a resonant deep voice even though it hurts his throat, is called in when the Pest Gang rob a bank and take hostages. The four members of the gang each specialize in a martial art based on vermin. My favourite is Poison Toad. GW dispatches each in short order. Too short, for my money. The Pest Gang are a scream, and I sincerely hope this movie launches them into a spin-off series.

Aroma Woman flounces in on a drunken man about to beat up his wife and daughter, and sends him into delirium with her powerful perfume.

Then GW and AW lock eyes and, instead of the face-off the crowd expects, they skip off to be alone and are besotted. The movie then launches into a long sequence of courtship and marital bliss, which is a little tiresome and overdone. But never fear. If you can stick with it, there's action when the fu tournament comes to town. A super-villain eventually emerges, leading to a showdown spectacular, with flying people and special effects aplenty. Are the retired superheroes a match for the super-villain ?

There are a few reasons why I stayed with this film in the slightly soggy and indulgent middle. For one, it is colourful and delightfully photographed. Though still not top-shelf, it is a joy to watch and a feast for the eye. For another, considerable effort is put into making Sandra Ng, who has made a career out of being a total dork, look as beautiful as her husband thinks she is. There is still Sandra's inevitable very broad comedy, in keeping with the general silliness, and it does at times become tiresome. However, there are enough jokes that work, and the obvious love the lead characters have for each other makes it mostly quite sweet. And there is enough action interspersed to just hold interest as well.

On the downside, apart from the broad humour Sandra so often depends upon, there is a silly subplot involving jealousy that I think the movie could have done without or cut back a fair bit. And another sub-plot about the Flints effort to have a baby were brow-beating par excellence.

Overall, a pleasant mostly feel-good fu comedy with plenty of HK wackiness and a fair dose of the weird. Worth spending 90 minutes in an air-conditioned cinema with.

Reviewer Score: 6