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阿里山風雲 (1949)
Happenings in Ali Shan

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Date: 06/15/2016
Summary: Summary from Taiwan website

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摘要 大綱:滿清年間,朝廷採取分化政策,使漢、藩不和。吳鳳出任通使以來,卻一直從事調和工作,與清之治藩政策背道而馳。吳深受山里加,達威亞兩族愛戴,被朝廷視為眼中釘。時新縣官上任,遂向刁師爺打探藩情,以對付吳。山族族長奧戈為出草殺人而苦惱,友人娃娜加以開解。娃勸奧勿因族例破壞漢,藩多年諧和,奧猶豫不決。刁侄化文偷聽二人對話,遂向奧未婚妻卡影告密,以挑起糾紛。卡見奧、 娃態度親暱,爭論間與奧發生衝突。卡兄百兒為達族族主,個性魯莽衝動,不甘愛妹遭欺負,往找奧晦氣。奧、百一言不合,大打出手,險釀成兩族混戰,幸得吳出面調停。娃為使兩族團結,誓言與奧斷絕交往。娃避見奧,奧失望下重遊舊地,心裡浮現娃倩影。族人希望娃說服奧履行族例,娃不允。奧往尋娃,不惜解除婚約以換取與娃復合。

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Summary Outline: Qing years, the court adopted the policy of differentiation,
so that Han, and no fan. Wu Feng became so through the years, has been
engaged in reconciliation work, contrary to the rule of the Qing Fan policy.
Wu added by mountains, Dawei Ya bicommunal loved by the court as a thorn.
New magistrate took office, was made to inquire Diao adviser Phan situation
to deal with Wu. Diogo mountain clan to kill the grass and distress, friends
baby Najia to open solutions. Baby persuade Austria not to destroy Han due
to family cases, Phan harmony for many years, the Austrian hesitant. Diao
nephew overheard two of text dialogue, was made to the Austrian fiancee
cards Movies informants to provoke disputes. Cards see Oh, baby attitude
intimacy, conflict and controversy between the Austrian occur. Cards brother
of one hundred children of the family clan master, reckless impulsive
personality, love sister was unwilling to bully, to find Austrian unlucky.
Austria, a hundred Yiyanbuge, fight, risk causing the two communities
melee, Credit goes to Wu mediate. For the baby bicommunal unity, vows
to sever contacts with the Austrian. Baby avoid See Austria, Austrian
disappointed at revisiting old ground, hearts emerge baby shadows. Serbs
hope to convince the baby to fulfill Olympic family cases, the baby is not
allowed. Austrian baby to find, at the dissolution of marriage in exchange
for the baby complex.

Using Bing Translator:

Summary outline: during the reign of the Qing dynasty, the Imperial Court
differentiation policies adopted, Han and Phan Thiet discord. Since the
aborigines as Tong, have been engaged in the reconciliation of work, runs
counter to the clear governance policy. Wu praised by Riga, Hardaway two
family love, as a thorn in the Imperial Court. New magistrate Office, hence to
diao touts spy fan to deal with Wu. Mountain family patriarch og distress for
grass killer, her friends Nadia to be unraveled. Eva advised not to destroy
Han, harmony fan for many years, hesitating. Diao-nephew of eavesdropping
on two people, hence to fiancee kaying informers to stir up disputes. Kajianao,
Eva attitude of intimacy, controversy and conflict. Bai son, brother to main
card, impetuous personality, Gan Aimei was not bullied, to find bad luck.
Austria, foridom word not, bidding war, risks caused the two melee, when
Wu intervened. Dolls United the two communities, vowing to sever ties
with Austria. Baby to avoid, revisiting old under the Olympic disappointment,
Eva shadows emerged. Eva convinced people want performance, baby boy.
To find baby, at dissolution in Exchange with Eva compound.