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鬼眼刑警 (2006)
Don't Open Your Eyes

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 05/05/2011

After directing Michael Wong ten times in two years in the New Option sub-par special forces "action" series, one gets the sense that Clarence Fok must have called in some favors in order to helm something -- anything -- other than something featuring Mikey in a SDU outfit. After re-teaming with his mentor Wong Jing, Fok got behind the lens for Don't Open Your Eyes, a ghost/comedy hybrid that isn't anything great, but at least the audience isn't subjected to Mr. Wong mangling dialogue in both Cantonese and English.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 09/18/2006

After a couple of years away, acclaimed filmmaker Clarence Ford returns to the director's chair with a ghostly comedy that is sure to please many viewers while leaving others with a feeling they've seen this all before. Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Yuen Wah star as a pair of ghost-busting cops who struggle to defeat a vicious evil spirit with revenge on its mind.

Mr. Ford does a nice job handling the various elements involved. The police action scenes are quite deadly and thrilling. Comedy is strong because many reactions by Mr. Fong are well played and Yuen Wah is strangely believable as the expert Taoist with the spells to hold off the ghosts. When they turn to Wong Tin-Lam for help, the film goes off the chain. Pinky Cheung Man-Chi looks better than ever as an ass-kicking gun moll.

Reviewer Score: 8