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桃太郎大顯神威 (1988)
Magic of Spell

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 05/06/2006
Summary: Momotaro 2: Evil Empire Strikes Back!

In this sequel of the adventures of Tao Tai-Lang, now directed by its former action director Chao Chung-Hing, the Peach Boy must take revenge on the killers of his aged stepmother, leaded by an evil supreme Lord. If you liked the first movie you won't be dissapointed. Some of the touching characters of the first part have dissapeared, but as always, you will find nice action and F/X scenes, kiddie ghost gags and the cute Lin Hsiao-Lan in the lead.

My copy (FLK) has several key scenes cut, and also has lost the subtitles from the middle until the end of the movie.

Reviewer Score: 7