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Devil Design

Reviewed by: heinz Germany
Date: 04/12/2020

The first 35 minutes belong to Bai Ying as the cruel mongolian general Ku Shah. He and his
men are haunted and finally killed by demons (no scary moments though, but cheap SX). This
causes Ku Shah became an even crueler demon, too. Enter of his counterpart Shih Chun as the monk who comes to rescue the poor deserted village after 50 mintes. (Bai Ying won't appear any more after 35 minutes, His demon part is taken over by the huge Siu Gam, who has settled down in Taiwan at the end of his long career). The second half of the movie is carried by senior actor
Ko Hsiang-Ting, Cheng Sai-Gang, Chiang Ching-Feng and Doris Lung Chun-Erh, who plays a pure, but mute village orphan (?) girl. She looks great this time and beeing mute she delievers a fine acting. There are several actors credited who acted in The Proud Horses in Flying Sand (1977) together...

Samll cast and cheap enviroment, weak special effects and makeup, no thumbs up for this movie

Reviewer Score: 5