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小鬼大哥大 (1990)
Little Kids Beat the Boss

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 07/22/2006
Summary: The last and worst.

This is the last movie of the "Kung Fu Kids" series and the worst of them all. It was not produced by Tomson, but by the director himself. Without the guide of Hsu Feng, the film has lost most of its charm. Even worse, Yan Chan-Kuo has been replaced by caucasian kid Oliver, who is very handsome but lacks of kung fu knowledge. Cho Ha-Foo and Chen Shun-Yun are now too old for their roles and many slapstick scenes aren't funny now. This time the KFK live in Wu Ma's Martial Arts School and must face kidnapper and drug dealer Big Boss (Chu Yuan) with the help of Japanese little girl ninja Hsu Chi and Mainland "ESPer" kid Mao. As always, action scenes are good but spoiled by kiddie gags which break their flow. Benny Lai (playing "the baddie in that Jackie Chan movie") has decent but too short martial scenes.

Reviewer Score: 4