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\ (1991)
Searing Passion

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 07/16/2005
Summary: Double Yu Rong Guang!

Yu Rong Guang plays twin brothers in this funny martial arts flick! But nobody must expect a movie like "Twin Dragons", as this film is cheaper. At the end of the Manchu Dynasty, the two baby sons of killed Revolutionary leader Yue Sheng are separated; years later, Yue Feng has become another Revolutionary leader, and Dong Hua is the right hand of the murderer of his father, on the side of the Imperial Forces. When the revolutionaries battle the Army, the two brothers will meet each other and will know their forgotten tragic past! OK, the story is nothing from another world; the best of the film are the martial scenes. The stuntmen are very good, but unfortunately their scenes are filmed with the usual mainland coherence and timing fails, and sometimes the scenes are unwittingly comic. Anyway, a funny and amusing movie, directed by Li Wen Hua, reputed filmmaker of the Cultural Revolution documentaries of the 60s and 70s.

Reviewer Score: 6