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2 Young

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 12/26/2006
Summary: intelligent film, outstanding cast

Director Derek Yee Tung-Sing's 2 Young is a prime example of the state of cinema in post-Handover Hong Kong. Talented, intelligent film artists have to stay two steps ahead of the approval boards. Sensitive themes, like teen pregnancy and statutory rape, can be shown and discussed but, in the final act, must be represented properly to show benefit for the protagonists, and for society.

2 Young begins with the infatuation of a young man for a young lady he sees from afar. He's from the working class, she is rich. They meet and have a teenage love affair that leads to a pregnancy. When their parents react like parents, they try to make it on their own, living an idyllic life in the country with no jobs or money. This goes badly. Meanwhile, melodrama develops among the grown-ups, as each set of parents deals with the trials of parenthood in their own way.

The film features an outstanding cast of industry veterans including Eric Tsang Chi-Wai and Anthony Wong Chau-Sang as the dueling fathers. Actress Teresa Mo Sun-Kwan gives a great performance as the young man's mother. She won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress. Jaycee Chan Cho-Ming holds his own with this group; his training has paid high dividends.

Reviewer Score: 8