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少林寺廚房長 (1981)
Shaolin Drunken Monkey

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 07/22/2010
Summary: Horrendous Godfrey Ho edit...

Mo (Elton Chong), a cook in the Shaolin temple, is determined to learn kung fu to avenge his father’s death at the hand of the Silver Eagle (Eagle Han). After the master of the temple is killed, Mo finds work in a local town, only to cross paths with the Silver Eagle’s henchmen again. He escapes harm for the time being and hides out a beggar’s (Mike Wong) hut, learning kung fu and cooking as payment. Meanwhile the master’s grand daughter has tracked down the Silver Eagle and wants her own revenge as well. Eventually the three get together and go to take down the Silver Eagle and his gang once and for all.
Shaolin Drunk Monkey, in this Godfrey Ho incarnation, is an absolute mess. It starts off with a nice fight between Mike Wong and Eagle Han, but takes a terrible turn when Elton Chong enters the story. Once again, we have the annoying clownish character that we’re supposed to root for as he learns kung fu and takes on the bad guys. Instead, as is almost always the case, I find myself hoping this idiot gets killed so he doesn’t ruin the film anymore. Training sequences, usually somewhat fun, in this are terrible and consist of Chong lifting Wong in a chair or climbing up a series of poles. Eagle Han is the only highlight here and has spectacular kicking sequences that we’ve come to expect. It’s a shame he wasn’t used more in Hong Kong films. Most likely a case of the Godfrey Ho edit, the movie, continuity wise, makes no sense at all. People who supposedly die in one scene reappear in the next as if nothing has happened. Plot lines appear and disappear at will. Characters are introduced and vanish with no explanation. Throw on top of this a laughable dub job and you have a disaster.
Warning: there is a scene where a character takes a live chicken and literally rips it’s head off before trying to drink it’s blood.


Reviewer Score: 2