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rsF (1975)
Bruce Lee Against Supermen

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 06/15/2013
Summary: Cato to the rescue!

I accept your challenge STSH!

Deep into the Brucesploitation craze, Bruce Lee Against Supermen uses Bruce Li to play Cato, the Green Hornet’s superior sidekick, to draw audiences into the theater. Everything about the movie is designed around the original Green Hornet show, from the opening credits to the chauffeur/mask outfit that Bruce Li first appears in. After some bank robbers throw some money from the window of a getaway car, Cato nabs a gweilo couple that happens to have the bag fall at their feet. After a quick stop at the police station, he beats up some thugs that for some reason stop and harass him and then heads home. There he meets up with the Green Hornet and learns that his girlfriend Alice and her famous scientist father, Dr. T, are entertaining offers from Arabs to buy plans to a process that allows food to be derived from petroleum by-products. Of course some low-lifes have plans to kidnap Dr. T and use the plans for their own gain. After several kidnappings and subsequent rescues by Carter (Cato), he and his friend Hon Yu employ the help of Eve, a comely government agent who Carter promptly beds. When Alice comes looking for him to help rescue Dr. T (again), Hon Yu immediately sells Carter out and leads her to he and the Eve in the sack. What a friend! Meanwhile the criminal mastermind behind the kidnappings has hired a mystical fighter named Superman (Lung Fei) and his bevy of disciples to get rid of Carter once and for all. It’s an all-out battle to protect Dr. T and his oil-food formula!

It goes without saying, Bruce Lee Against Supermen is a bad movie. The plot is a mess, the sets are terrible, the acting wooden and the fights are only slightly above average. Bruce Li and Lung Fei bring it every time, but that can only get you so far. There are tons of gweilo actors running around either acting like jerks or getting in the way, as well as gratuitous nudity from Alice and Eve. Other than Lung Fei, the actors that are supposed to appear intimidating are simply not, and Bruce seems to dispatch them rather easily. But is the movie entertaining in a bad, Brucesploitation type of way? Yes, but only if you are in the mood and have nothing better to watch.


Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/27/2005
Summary: Dull and muddled

This drivel drags on for fifteen minutes (seems a lot longer) before anyone starts biffing anyone else, but even then things don't become any more interesting. Bruce Li dons an eyemask to imitate his famous namesake, but nothing watchable seems to become of it. I could only stand the first 30 minutes. Some brave or bored soul can let me know if the rest is worth the effort.

Reviewer Score: 1