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s (1982)
Dragon Blood

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 02/08/2006
Summary: Another crazy John Liu production!

Dragon's Blood(1982) is John Liu's last independant project, shot in Mexico. This movie is as crazy as his other independant productions, mixing camels, a Mexican desert, cowboys, and Philip Ko in Manchurian attire. John liu gets blinded by some French treasure hunters, who are after a golden dragon pendant, that belonged to Liu's brother or teacher, is lost and stolen. Liu plays Zatoichi for the remainder of the movie, doing blind kickfighting, while his real life wife helps Liu train. The movie is a western, but there wasn't enough of a budget to hire Mexicans and bullets, but when will you ever see a Manchurian Philip Ko take on and disarm cowboys with kung fu, and a duel between Liu in Ko in a Mexican desert full of cactuses? Of John liu's independant Zen Kwun Do productions, this is one of the most well choreographed of them, simply because Philip Ko was around to play the villain. Liu's acting is solid, but the budget just couldn't support the talent. This is Liu's most demanding production, shooting a kung fu movie is a desert, with the lowest of budgets, in the most difficult of conditions, and through his effective acting and Ko's presence, really makes this movie fun to watch. Philip Ko is in top form, even in the diffuclt conditions this movie was shot in, as his kung fu is powerful and very well choreographed. John Liu's fights with a degree of power and emotions never seen before in any of his movies, as Liu was possibly motivated by the difficult shooting conditions. 0.5 for the movie, 3.5 for the choreography.