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sr (1974)
The Chinese Tiger

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 02/08/2009
Summary: Surprisingly good Larry Lee...

The Chinese Tiger delves into the realm of drug trafficking with Larry Lee dealing out harsh punishment to those involved. A small rice factory in Thailand is thrown into turmoil when a manager is killed and a shipment of rice that arrives in Hong Kong turns out to have drugs stashed inside. Li Hsun (director Teddy Yip) is imprisoned on trafficking charges and Li Min (Larry Lee) sets out to clear his brother and find who is responsible for the murders and the drugs. Once in Hong Kong with friend Nai Po (Hon Gwok-Choi), Li finds a very large and multi-layered organization, led by a well connected boss (Alex Lung). With the logistical help from a girl whose husband is caught up in the drugs and the dealing, Li starts to take out a level at a time, hoping to be able to topple the gang and return to Thailand and catch the man behind the original murder.
The Chinese Tiger is a surprisingly good martial arts film with a more than competent Larry Lee leading the way. He is a very good screen fighter and the choreography is well done and has some fresh elements. Although he plays the generic whining sidekick role, Hon Gwok-Choi also has some good fighting scenes, using an excellent Monkey Fist style. The story is above average, hitting on the topics of drug addiction and the innocent people that get hurt as a result. The trafficking organization is sufficiently evil and although it is a bit drawn out, the movie comes to a satisfying conclusion with all parties getting their just due.


Reviewer Score: 7