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Kin Shing Film Co

  I Did My Best (1964)
  Looking For Her Husband (1965)
  Your Infinitive Kindness (1965)
  The Blood-Stained Butterly Mountain (1965)
  Blood No. 1 (1965)
  An Eye for an Eye (1965)
  Agent Black Spider (1965)
  Green Is the Grass (1966)
  The Golden Ring (1966)
  I Love A-Go-Go (1967)
  The Long Journey Home (1967)
  Romance Across the Miles (1967)
  The Full Moon (1967)
  A House Filled with Happiness (1968)
  The Blossoming Rose (1968)
  Joy to the World (1968)
  Red Lamp Shaded in Blood (1968)
  Blue Falcon (1968)
  Dangerous Seventeen (1968)
  A Great Lover (1968)
  The Avenging Sword (1968)
  Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade (1969)
  Sword of Emei (1969)
  The Invincible (1969)
  Sister's Lover (1967)
  My Darling Wife (1967)
  How a Strange Hero Thrice Teased an Unruly Girl (1968)
  Na Zha's Adventure in the Eastern Sea (1968)