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Chik Lei (Zhili) Film Company

Zhili Film Company
  A Cadet in Love's Battle (1953)
  Pretty Girl from Kuala Lumpur (1954)
  Mrs. Cheng (1954)
  The Rich Girl and Her Double (1955)
  Moonlight (1956)
  An Actress in War (1956)
  Loving Enemies (1957)
  I Cannot Love You (1957)
  The Goddess Who Came to Prince Xiang (1957)
  Joyous Wedding (1957)
  The Sweep-Stakes Seller (1958)
  Why Not Return? (1958)
  The Tragic Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1958)
  Twin Lotuses (1959)
  Blood, Love, Tears (1959)
  The Beautiful Ghost's Grievance (1959)
  Sweet Girl (1959)
  Misguided Love (1959)
  Follow the Husband (1959)
  Feather Fan Under Spring Lantern (1956)
  How Third Madam Educated Her Son (1958)
  A Wife of Nobility Is Never Free (1958)