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Kin Du Recording Co., Ltd.

Kam Tao Recording Co.
  The First Error Step (1979)
Recording Studio
  Secret of Kowloon Town (1976)
  Calamity (1976)
  Memory of the Melody at An-Ping (1978)
  The Tragedy Came from Vietnam (1979)
  The Legend of the Six Dynasty (1979)
  Born in Coffin (1980)
  The Giant of Casino (1981)
Sound Recordist
  The Dwarf Sorcerer (1974)
  Seven Spirit Pagoda (1976)
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Dumb Boxer (1973)
  The Romantic Double Rings (1979)
  Woman Grinder's Revenge (1980)
  Awe Inspiring Weapon (1980)