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Light Workers Ltd.

Light Works Ltd.
Lightworkers Ltd.
Light Worker's Ltd.
  A True Mob Story (1998)
  Operation Billionaires (1998)
  Naked Party (2000)
  Sexy and Dangerous II (2000)
  Electrical Girl (2001)
Editing Studio
  Rumble Ages (1998)
  The Demon's Baby (1998)
  A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II (1998)
  Your Place or Mine! (1998)
  Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood (1999)
  House of the Damned (1999)
  Last Ghost Standing (1999)
  The Deadly Camp (1999)
  The Legendary (1999)
  Chinese Midnight Express II (2000)
  Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement (2000)
  Horoscope II: The Woman from Hell (2000)
  Resort Massacre (2000)
  Play with Strangers (2000)
  The Blood Rules (2000)
  Love Correction (2000)
  The Young Ones (2001)
  Cop on a Mission (2001)
  Fing's Raver (2001)
FCP Editing
  A True Mob Story (1998)
  Street Kids Violence (1999)
  Un Baiser Vole (2000)
  Miles Apart (2000)