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Kwong Ming Studios
Kwong Ming Recording Studio
  The Man from Holland (1986)
Recording Studio
  Job Hunter (1981)
  Once Upon a Rainbow (1982)
  All the Wrong Spies (1983)
  Crazy Blood (1983)
  Play Catch (1983)
  Home at Hong Kong (1983)
  The Devil's Box (1984)
  The Happy Ghost (1984)
  Shanghai Blues (1984)
  My Sentimental Little Friend (1984)
  Cupid One (1985)
  Working Class (1985)
  The Devil & the Ghostbuster (1988)
  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World III (1989)
  Mr. Fortune (1989)
  The First Time Is the Last Time (1989)
  The Last Duel (1989)
  The Plot (1991)
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Amsterdam Connection (1978)
  Salt and Pepper (1983)
  A Family Affair (1984)
  Oh, My God (1985)