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Jinqiao Film Company

Golden Bridge Film Company
  Her Unrequited Love (1955)
  The Renewal of an Ancient Garden (1955)
  Fleeting Riches (1955)
  The Hypocritical Heart (1955)
  A Hymn to Mother (1956)
  A Thousand Flowers Bloom (1956)
  A Fairy Brings a Son (1957)
  World of Fist (1957)
  The Hypocritical Heart (1955)
  The Story of Kam Fung-Chi and Fourth Miss Lu (1955)
  The Charm of a Million Flowers (1956)
  Phony Couple (1959)
  Whose Son Is This? (1954)
  The Noble Family (1954)
  Homeward Bound! (1954)
  The Story of Liang Kuan and Lin Shirong (1955)
  The Hypocritical Heart (1955)
  The Murder Case at Club 99 (1955)
  Wong Fei-Hung and the Courtesan's Boat Argument (1956)
  Nocturnal Mourning for White Lotus (1956)
  How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956)
  Love Is Everywhere (1956)
  River of Romance (1957)
  Phony Couple (1959)