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Hongxing Film Company

  Stage-Fan Husband (1948)
  Nine Heroes of Guangdong (Part 1) (1950)
  Nine Heroes of Guangdong (Part 2) (1950)
  The Battle Between Monkey and Gold Spotted Leopard (1950)
  The Magnificent Hero Gold Arhat (1950)
  The Strange Hero (1950)
  Adventures of Gan Fengchi and Fourth Madam Lu (1950)
  The Precious Lamp in the Moon Palace (1951)
  White Whirlwind, the Heroine (1951)
  The Sword and the Pearl (1951)
  Lee Fung-Kiu's Flying Daggers (1951)
  How Queer-faced Tiger Raided the Cave of the Skulls (1952)