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Guangming Film Company

  Mysterious Mind of a Woman (1948)
  End to the Song, Death to the Soul (1948)
  Award to the Husband But Not the Wife (1948)
  Hanging on Together (1949)
  Pearly Tears (1951)
  Home Flowers Are Sweeter Still (1951)
  The Storm of Life (1951)
  Two Scholars in Contention for Their Love (1962)
  The Iron Panther (1975)
  War Criminal No. 1 (1947)
  Fiery Trees and Silver Flowers (1947)
  Romantic Lovers (1947)
  To Steal a Sweet Heart (1948)
  Dedicated Lover (1948)
  Perfect Matching (1948)
  Mr. Guangdong Explored the Corrupted Temple (1948)
  Second Attempt (1948)