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Naam Yeung

  On My Own (1941)
  A Couple Forever (1943)
  Illusion of Happiness (1944)
  Children of the Earth (1945)
  Faster Than Lightning (1946)
  Lusty Dream for Ten Years (1946)
  Chang E Dashing to the Moon (1947)
  The Sorrow and the Pity (1947)
  How Fang Shiyu Escorted Miss Yan on a 1,000 mile Journey (1951)
  Happy Lovers (1953)
  Mei Ting En Chou Chi (1957)
  The Story of Qin Liangyu (1953)
  Chen Chun-Sheng and Ma Yi-Shun (1957)
  Mei Ting En Chou Chi (1957)